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Kickbooster is a division of Bold Commerce that is dedicated to creating the most powerful and effective solutions to help creators succeed in crowdfunding.

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What we offer

Development time

Use 10% of your working hours to work on a project of your choice that helps you develop new skills or improve current processes.

Total transparency

We hold weekly Town Hall meetings, monthly “Ask us anything” Q&A sessions, and have an open door policy across the organization.

Continuous learning

Participate in our mentorship programs or career pathing, and take advantage of our yearly education fund of $500 per employee.

Employee ownership

We offer an Employee Share Ownership Program so that everyone in our company has a voice and stake in our success.

And a few other perks...

Free coffee and drinks

Staff gym with showers

Free lunch 5 days/week

Massage chairs

Flexible hours

Virtual reality room

Free beer on tap

Arcade machines

Casual dress code

Complimentary nerf gun

Open work spaces

Outdoor courtyard

Kickbooster employees working together in atrium
Coffee machine in the office
Our office in the Smart Park
Kickbooster employee working at table
Group meeting in downstairs lobby
Employee working at standing desk
Kickbooster employee grabbing an apple from the kitchen
Kickbooster employee grabbing beer from keg
Employees working together in common area
Kickbooster employees working together in atrium
Coffee machine in the office

Current Opportunities

Are you passionate about your career, eager to impress, and ready to get shit done? If yes, we'd love to hear from you!

Marketing & Sales
Client Success

We’re looking for people like you!

If you don’t see the job you’re looking for, but think you’d make a strong addition to our team, we encourage you to submit your resume.