Thepeoplebehind the product

Kickbooster is dedicated to creating the most powerful and effective solutions to help project creators bring their ideas to life.

From the exciting ramp up of pre-launch to the gratification of eCommerce sales, Kickbooster is committed to helping creators succeed in crowdfunding.

Kickbooster staff working together in the office in Winnipeg, Canada.

Kickbooster brings extensive knowledge and experience in eCommerce to the crowdfunding industry to help project creators turn their idea into a profitable business or expand their existing offering.

Kickbooster’s products are designed to help project creators fully realize the benefit of their crowdfunding campaign and successfully transition from fundraising to selling.

Our key pillars

Innovation, creativity, collaboration, and community are key in Kickbooster’s operation. These four pillars set the tone for every decision made, idea communicated, and product built.


/ the introduction of new things or methods that are uniquely useful. Anything and everything can always be improved. If we are not constantly innovating, we are moving backwards. Innovation considers the net impact of every action, and aims to eliminate the negative consequence or product of an action while maximizing its positive effects.


/ to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations. Creativity fuels the engine of innovation. Every new or improved idea, method, or product was dreamt up by an imaginative mind. Creativity must be encouraged, celebrated, heard, and actioned; it’s what makes impossible just a word for the uninspired.


/ the action of working with someone to produce or create something. Everything's better when it works together. Collaboration is taking the most valuable qualities or abilities from a variety of sources to create something truly amazing.


/ a group sharing common characteristics or interests. Strength comes in numbers. Harnessing the power of community allows us to accumulate resources, access support, stay accountable, and push boundaries. Anything can be accomplished when we work together toward a common goal.