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Turn your customers into promoters with affiliate marketing.

Encourage your customers, influencers, and content collaborators to help drive more sales to your eCommerce store by rewarding them with cash or store credit.

Offer custom rewards

Offer your affiliates cash commissions or store credit in return for successful referrals. Customize the commission rate, the tracking period, and more.

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Get featured on the Kickbooster Marketplace and expand your reach to our network of affiliates, influencers, and media partners.

Automate your program

Easily set up a referral program with automatic referral tracking and validation, commission payouts, and affiliate support.


Offer custom rewards

Choose the commission rate you’re willing to offer your affiliates.

Prevent self-referrals

Automatically accept or reject commission payouts on self-referrals, or choose to review each self-referral individually.

Review affiliates

Ask affiliates to provide more information about their promotional methods, and choose to accept or reject any affiliate who applies to your referral program.

Referral review period

Set a review period before commissions can be paid out to ensure you only pay commissions on valid sales.

Campaign dashboard

Keep track of your clicks, referrals, and commissions-owed in your personal Kickbooster dashboard.

Sign-up page

Design an affiliate sign up page that allows affiliates to easily register for your referral program.

Cookie duration period

Set the tracking period between a click on a referral link and a confirmed sale so you know what to attribute to affiliates.

Post-purchase pop-up

Automatically invite your customers to join your referral program after they complete a purchase.

Custom branding

Design the look and feel of your referral program to match your branding by customizing one of our beautiful themes.


Add your referral program to the Kickbooster Marketplace to promote it to our network of affiliates.

Link builder

Create custom tracking links that don’t generate commission so you can track the success of your other marketing efforts.

Case studies

“We have found Kickbooster easy to use and the team very responsive to our questions. Our affiliates have definitely brought our brand to many customers who may not otherwise have found us.”

Heather Walker, Director of Operations
Canadian Down & Feather Company

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Since 2015, Canadian Down & Feather Company has been supplying comfort addicts and sleep enthusiasts with high-quality down and feather products including duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers.

In addition to popular marketing tools like Google and Facebook ads, the company has spent time developing influencer relationships to help reach new customers.

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Sales made through Kickbooster

Lil Buff Protein

In June 2016, Christine Moore set out on a mission to make healthy eating fun. After having 3 children in 3.5 years, Christine was determined to get in shape.

Rubbery chicken day in and day out just wasn’t cutting it, so Christine threw together some wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients making delicious, protein-packed cakes.

Christine’s magic protein cakes and intense workout regimen helped her get in the best shape of her life. Encouraged by her friends, Christine decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business: Lil Buff Protein.

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