Why You Should Include Add-Ons In Your Pledge Manager Survey

What if we told you that your earning potential doesn’t stop when your crowdfunding campaign ends? 

With the help of Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager and the addition of complementary products to your survey, you have the potential to have a lucrative post-campaign experience. 

So what exactly are add-ons? 

Add-ons are optional rewards that backers can add to their pledges such as: accessories, game expansion packs, copies of an earlier publication, movie posters–it’s really anything extra that complements the primary reward. 

Here’s why you should include add-ons in your Pledge Manager survey.

Keep Your Campaign Page And Reward Tiers Simple 

Before your campaign even goes live it’s beneficial to make the decision to include add-ons in your Pledge Manager survey. You can keep your campaign page and reward tiers simple and uncluttered, while also reducing a backer’s resistance to pledge since the reward tiers are set at the lowest possible cost. Some campaigns will offer only the base product during the live campaign and explicitly state that the other parts will be offered as add-ons after the campaign. A good example of this is Peak Design’s Mobile campaign.

Increase Your Average Order Value

The buck doesn’t have to stop at your primary product. You can increase the average order value post campaign by including add-ons in your survey. This works well for backers who may have been hesitant to pledge to a higher tier during the campaign phase but are ready to commit more funds now that they see your product is actually being made and shipped soon. Allowing add-ons and upgrades in the post-campaign survey gives your backers a chance to change their minds which in turn can increase their average order value and thus increasing the total funds you raise.  

Introduce Your Backers To Other Products

Do you have other products that your backers may like? Do your backers know about those products? Including your other products as add-ons in your backer survey is an easy and cost-effective way to get your products in front of an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. You already have their attention and they already like one product of yours, it only makes sense to tell them about what else you can offer. If you already have an ecommerce store, include items from there that complement the primary product (more on that to come) and show off what else is available through your store. 

Add Value To Your Primary Product

If you have items that will enhance your core product, include them as add-ons in your pledge manager survey. For example, if your product requires batteries, include them as an add-on so that your backer won’t have to go out and buy it separately. Maybe you have a kitchen item, include accessories that will make your product better and add even more value to your backers. Take Cheat Sheets, for example. The company raised funds for their core offering of sheet pans and food compartments through their crowdfunding campaign, and later offered lids for the compartments through their post-campaign backer survey. The lids were an obvious value-add to any backer, and allowed the company to keep their reward offering simple and at a lower cost during the live campaign.

Your backers are likely excited that the product they pledged toward is ready to ship so capitalize on this excitement by offering additional items. They already bought your product because it has some sort of value add to their life, so including add-ons that increase the value of your primary product even more will also increase the chances of your backers adding it to their order.

Including add-ons in your Pledge Manager survey is a no brainer. It’s beneficial for you because you can continue raising funds even after your campaign is over. It’s also beneficial to your backers because they can be introduced to new products they may not have otherwise known about and also purchase items that will increase the value of the primary reward even more. 

Learn more about Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager and consider including add-ons in your next post-campaign survey.