Top 3 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Works in Crowdfunding

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Social media has a huge influence on the information we see daily. A Facebook post, tweet, or blog post can go viral– spreading across the entire world in no time at all.

In 2016, there were 2.28 billion people on social media across the globe.

This is exactly where affiliate marketing lives. Affiliate marketing is the process of normal people and social influencers sharing and promoting products online, in exchange for a commission of the products sold. Yup, you could be in on it too.

We live in such a technology driven world that it’s not enough to have cool gadgets- people want to be the first to have these things. Enter crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding connects people to the latest cool gadgets before they even hit the market in numerous categories like:
  • tech
  • arts, and
  • gaming

Why do affiliate marketing and crowdfunding work so well together?

1. It’s motivating

Affiliate marketing is performance based which is why it works so well!

Because affiliates only get compensated if people are purchasing products through their links, they’re highly motivated to share genuinely great products. There’s no upfront or general fees product owners need to pay each affiliate. The risk factor is low and the payout can be high.

Plus, each affiliate’s links can be tracked to determine how many conversions they are experiencing (and how cool is that?)

2. It’s multidimensional

Affiliate Marketing holds the ear of one of the greatest and largest audiences in the world- social media platforms.

Affiliate links can be shared across not one, but many of these sites such as:
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • Youtube and
  • blog posts.

Social media

Affiliate marketing is also engaging.

A person is referring a product, rather than just a generic advertisement. There’s a human element in this that people love and trust. People sharing affiliate links may briefly describe it or share their favorite thing about it! People viewing the content can engage with the affiliate. They may ask questions about the product(s), share possible hesitations and receive feedback.

This engagement can lead to

  • comfort,
  • trust and in turn,
  • more conversions

Remember when you were taught not to talk to strangers? In affiliate marketing, it’s definitely in your favor!

3. It’s effective

Affiliate marketing allows tons of people to click on affiliate links that will direct them to awesome products. These links often reach a wide enough audience that traditional advertising is becoming more and more irrelevant.

Affiliate marketing is more cost-effective than a pay per click model of advertising. Who doesn’t love saving some cash?

Those who are serious about affiliate marketing are often successful enough to make it their career. Sites like may feature some quirky products (cheese dispensing gun anyone?), but they’re very successful in their ventures being one of Amazon’s popular affiliate marketers.

This is why I'm broke

There are lots of affiliate tools out there, but only one specializing in crowdfunding!  Kickbooster allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign, and provides an incentive for people to promote your campaign.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be the sole marketing tool you use when running your campaign. In fact, we recommend using a combination of marketing efforts, if your margins allow. 

It’s simply a cost effective, low-risk option that can benefit both the campaign owners and affiliates. Because affiliate links can be shared on multiple social media platforms, they are guaranteed to be seen by more eyes than a campaign owner could ever reach alone. And that sounds like a winner to me!

Learn more about how Kickbooster can help your affiliate marketing strategy.