5 Essential Steps for Launching a Sustainable Product Through Crowdfunding

Consumers are becoming increasingly focused on where they are shopping from and what kind of influence their purchases have on the environment.  

There are no exceptions made for brands launching new products on Kickstarter. With eco-friendly alternatives on the rise, there has never been a better time to shout about your sustainable solution through the use of crowdfunding.

Quality is Better Than Quantity

Creators only have a couple of seconds to impress their viewers and convince them to try a new product; so content creation should never feel like an afterthought. Lots of text can be overwhelming, so it is worth investing in a great creative team for your campaign that can convert your copy into visuals. Consumers who care about the planet will want to see how your product adds value to their lifestyle and why it is different to other competitors that have already established themselves on the market. Your brand might care about the environment, but if your page skimps on style, you could be selling your project short. 

Comparisons Count

One of the best ways to highlight a product’s environmental performance against standard alternatives is through the use of comparison graphics. These types of images display information in a digestible format for viewers scanning through the page quickly looking for those details that will influence their purchasing decision. 

There are hundreds of comparisons you can mention, but some of the most common we have seen creators mention are the C02 emissions, energy and water usage, and plastic consumption backers will save using their product vs traditional models on the market.  

Consistent Branding on all Channels

Make sure you stick to your key branding guidelines and do your research on palettes and messaging that attract your specific audience prior to creating your assets. Consistency is key and backers should be able to identify your brand from the cohesion in the design of your ads, landing page, campaign page, and socials. Bold infographics and strong visuals should also be used to break up your project page into digestible chunks and will do wonders for highlighting your environmental stats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Moving Content Matters

You could have the most eco-friendly solution on the market, but unless your project stands out from the crowd, it could easily end up lost in the ether. That is why GIFs and moving imagery are a great solution for visually showcasing a product’s usability and communicating a project’s story in a way that resonates with customers' values. Whether you are creating ads for socials, or rewards images for your campaign page, moving content is guaranteed to stop thumbs and increase engagement in a way that still imagery sometimes can’t. 


Your campaign page is the perfect place to shout about your green credentials and highlight how your product is making a difference to the planet. 

Successful projects will utilize their page to go into detail about the science and development behind their product and where their materials are sourced from. Backers can spot brands that are ‘greenwashing’ from a mile away, so make sure you provide statistics to back up your  research and demonstrate your product value. Authenticity and trust is key to building a brand and will be the first step to gaining a community of loyal customers. 

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