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Kickbooster Pricing


USD per month
+ commission on funds raised through Kickbooster
(3% to Kickbooster + % to Boosters)

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Pricing Explained

Kickbooster is free to try. You will only have to provide your credit card information and begin paying the monthly subscription fee once you are ready to launch your Pre-Launch Page or Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program allows you to pay people a commission on funds they help you raise for your campaign. The commission total (determined by the percentage you decide to pay out and the amount raised), along with a 3% Kickbooster fee (covers processing & administration fees), is charged at the end of your campaign in the form of a lump sum payment. We only invoice campaigns that are successfully funded. That's right, if you don't hit your funding goal, you pay ZERO commissions, so there is no risk in using Kickbooster!

  • Only pay commission if your campaign is successful!
  • You decide what % to pay out your Boosters.
  • Try it free, cancel your subscription anytime!

Free for Affiliate Marketers

Become a Booster to gain immediate access to hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns that are offering a reward for helping spread the word about their campaign. Blog about cool campaigns, post links on Facebook, Tweet about them, and watch the dollars come in. The more you promote, the more you'll earn, and everything is tracked in your Kickbooster dashboard.

Being a Booster is always completely FREE, in fact you'll make money!

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