Getting started with Kickbooster and

1. Connect your campaign

Simply enter your campaign URL and let Kickbooster guide you through our step by step set up. You will be up and running in under 5 minutes!

2. Set your reward

Choose a reward that fits your budget! You can even launch multiple programs to offer different rewards to different types of Boosters.

3. Spread the word

Once you're set up, all that's left to do is let people know you're using Kickbooster and watch the magic of referral marketing take over.

Booster Signup Page

Kickbooster allows you to easily design a landing page to handle your affiliate registrations. You have the ability to customize the page to match your brand!


Your Kickbooster dashboard allows you to keep a pulse of how your referral program is performing. Your influencers will also have access to their own personal dashboard, allowing them to track their referral activity and commissions.


As an added bonus, you can add your referral program to our Marketplace, making it visible to our growing network of publishers, bloggers, and professional marketers at no extra cost.