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Over $42 million has been raised through Kickbooster's
referral marketing programs

84% of campaigns that use Kickbooster
successfully reach their funding goal

Pay for performance

Pay out a commission when a referral leads to a successful pledge, not when a link is clicked.

Risk-free marketing

Only pay for pledges you actually collect. No payment for unsuccessful campaigns or failed pledges.

Higher conversion rates

Affiliate marketing is one of the highest converting forms of advertising.

Get access to new audiences

Enable your supporters to be your biggest brand advocates.

Reward your community

Thank and incentivize your community for helping you spread the word!

User-generated content

Have your affiliates create content for you to help promote your campaign.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your project


Offer custom rewards

Choose the commission rate you’re willing to offer your affiliates.


Add your referral program to the Kickbooster Marketplace to promote it to our network of affiliates.

Prevent self-referrals

Automatically accept or reject commission payouts on self-referrals, or choose to review each self-referral individually.

Pledge validation

Kickbooster will validate your pledges to ensure you only pay commissions on the funds you actually collect

Affiliate tracking links

Kickbooster will automatically generate unique tracking links for all of your affiliates.

Custom branding

Design the look and feel of your referral program to match your branding by customizing one of our beautiful themes.

Link builder

Create custom tracking links that don’t generate commission so you can track the success of your other marketing efforts.

Commission payouts

Kickbooster will take care of all the administrative work involved in issuing affiliate commissions.

Campaign dashboard

Keep track of your clicks, referrals, and commissions-owed in your personal Kickbooster dashboard.

Create your referral program in minutes

1. Connect your campaign

Enter your campaign URL and let Kickbooster guide you through our step-by-step setup.

2. Set your reward

Choose a reward that fits your budget and motivates your affiliates to promote your project.

3. Spread the word

Invite your backers, influencers, and media partners to participate in your referral program.

Create your program now and don't pay until you go live