Pledge Manager Officially Launches

Kickbooster Pledge Manager

It’s here!

We’re excited to announce the official launch of our very own Pledge Manager

Our team has worked countless hours to bring you a post-campaign experience that will seamlessly take you from fundraising to fulfillment, and we’re so excited that it’s finally live. 

Pledge managers are used by crowdfunding project creators to collect the vital information from their supporters needed to fulfill the rewards promised during the campaign.

Prior to our public launch, our team has been in beta testing with a number of campaigns to refine our offering and better serve creators. We’ve helped our beta users raise an additional 24% of total campaign funds through the Pledge Manager surveys, which includes new sales and shipping fees for various countries around the world. We also saw 27% of backers purchase add-ons and upgrades upon receiving their survey. 

Here are some features you can expect from the newest addition to the Kickbooster suite of crowdfunding tools. 

Raise Funds After Your Campaign is Done

Creators are able to include add-ons and reward level upgrades in their Pledge Manager’s backer survey, this can encourage backers to spend more and increase the average pledge value per backer. 

Since most campaigns usually last 30-60 days, creators only have a limited time to raise funds for their project. Some backers can be hesitant to pledge to a higher reward tier because they don’t know if the project will be successful after it gets funded. Allowing upgrades in the post-campaign survey gives backers a chance to change their minds as the project gets closer to fulfillment. 

Pull Products Into The Survey & Manage Orders Through Your Ecommerce Store

Most third party pledge managers require creators to create every product for each reward level. If they decide to open an ecommerce store, they have to go through the entire process of setting up products again. This can be a super redundant and tedious task for creators who wish to continue selling their product after pledge management is over. Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager integrates directly with the creator’s ecommerce store, pulling products from the store into the survey to configure. This means that each product only has to be created and configured once. 

Now that Pledge Manager is already integrated with the ecommerce store, the creator can manage the backer orders directly through their store’s backend. When a survey is completed in Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager, an order is automatically created in the ecommerce store, the same way a sale is when a customer makes a purchase directly through the store. This allows the creator to manage fulfillment in one place while taking advantage of their existing settings, apps, and plug-ins. 

Performance-Based Pricing Model

Most competitors base their pricing on funds raised during the live campaign, despite having nothing to do with helping raise those funds. Kickbooster only charges a commission on the funds raised through our Pledge Manager backer survey. 

Other pledge management programs include shipping in their ‘funds raised’ fee calculation, meaning creators are paying a commission on not only the add-ons/up-sells but also shipping fees. Kickbooster only charges fees on the value of add-ons or upgrades, NOT on the total cart value, which would include the cost to ship items. 

Recover More Pledges

Failed pledges happen a lot. Kickstarter doesn’t charge a backer’s credit card until the end of the campaign, and it’s common for a portion of pledges to fail upon attempted charge. This happens for a variety of reasons: insufficient funds, credit card expiry, or fraud protection from the backer’s credit institution. This can become an issue because creators won’t collect as many funds as expected and risk not having enough to fund their project even though it’s been deemed ‘successful.’ With Pledge Manager, all backers, including those with failed pledges, can be imported into the system after the campaign ends. Backers with failed pledges are added with a pledge value of $0, but the reward tier they attempted to pledge to is saved. When it’s time for the creator to send surveys to their backers, the backers with failed pledges will have another chance to pay for the reward they tried to pledge to on Kickstarter. 

Learn more about how our Pledge Manager will seamlessly transition your project from fundraising to selling and book a demo today