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Kickbooster Pre-Launch Pages help you build an audience even before you launch your campaign. Then, our Affiliate Program helps you raise money during your campaign, increasing your chance of reaching your funding goal.

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What is Kickbooster?

Kickbooster is an online tool that helps crowdfunding project creators build hype, increase awareness, and ultimately reach their funding goal. Try it today and see how it can help your campaign.

Pre-Launch Pages

Start building hype and followers early by collecting email addresses even before you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

During Campaign
Referral Program

Run a referral program during your crowdfunding campaign to provide incentive for backers & marketers to share and promote your campaign.

Redirect Links

Once your campaign is over, point your Booster links to your website, Late Backer page or eCommerce store and bring your followers with you.

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Introducing the Kickbooster
Campaign Marketplace

For Project Creators

As an added bonus, you have the ability to add your campaign to our Marketplace page, making it instantly available to thousands of Affiliate Marketers waiting for the next campaign they want to promote! This will drastically increase your reach and improve the chance of your campaign going viral.

For Affiliate Marketers

Become a Booster (Affiliate) to get immediate access to hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns in the Kickbooster Marketplace that are offering a reward for helping spread the word about their campaign. Choose the ones you want to promote, blog, post, and tweet about them, and get paid for your efforts.

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